Tell Biden: Choose People over Fossil Fuels and Declare a Climate Emergency

Now is the moment to push hard for Biden to use his full executive authority to take on the climate crisis and protect communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel destruction. Send a message to the White House and tell President Biden to declare a climate emergency and stop approvals for fossil fuel leases, exports, and infrastructure!

We demand that President Biden declare a climate emergency under the National Emergencies Act, and take the following steps immediately:

  • Ban crude oil exports
  • Stop foreign fossil fuel investments
  • Build renewable & resilient energy systems in communities hit hardest climate change

We also demand that the President take the following actions using his power under other existing laws:

  • End all new fossil fuel leasing on federal lands and waters.
  • Deny federal permits for all fossil fuel infrastructure.
  • Restrict gas exports to the extent allowed under the Natural Gas Act.

The People Vs Fossil Fuels Coalition has long demanded that President Biden declare a climate emergency and stop approving fossil fuel projects including fossil fuel on federal lands and waters, fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines and petrochemical plants, and fossil fuel exports. 

Now is a pivotal moment to capture the momentum around executive action and push the President to choose people over fossil fuels!